We’re Back!!

Metro Prep League is excited to announce that after a COVID-19 mandated shut down for the Spring and Summer 2020 seasons – WE ARE BACK for the Fall 2020! It’s going to look a little different than usual, so read below about some of the changes that we had to make in order to make sure that the return to MPBL is a safe environment for all!

  • Our new location for the fall is at the MAC in Lewisville (200 Continental Drive, Lewisville, TX 75067)
  • We plan to schedule all teams for back to back games to limit traffic into and out of the facility.
  • Masks required by everyone at all times inside the facility. Players, coaches, and referees can remove their mask for the game.
  • Everyone will be temperature checked upon entry, and anyone with a temperature of 100.4 will not be granted access.
  • Players entering and exiting the court are required to use hand sanitizer from the scorer’s table upon entering and exiting the playing area.
  • Any player, coach, or fan that has been exposed to anyone with COVID-19, or has tested positive must follow the CDC guidelines on how long to quarantine before attending any game or practice.
  • We are suggesting a spectator limitation to a max of 2 per player, or 20 per team – in order to help limit the building’s occupancy.
  • To allow the facility to be cleaned properly, and teams and fans to clear out from the prior games – we will not allow entry into the facility until 10 min before game time.
  • All team meetings will occur outside. Teams and spectators will be asked to exit the facility as quickly as possible in order to prep for the next set of games.
  • To remain on schedule – some rules have been added or changed:
    • Teams only have 3 (30 second) timeouts per game.
    • The running clock will not stop in the first half. Only in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half.
    • No overtime. Games can end in a tie.
    • For all games within 10 points in the last 2 minutes of the 2nd half – both teams will automatically be “in the bonus”, shooting 1 & 1 on the next eligible foul. There will be no double bonus.

CLICK HERE for registration info.

We hope to see your team out there this fall!

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