What are the league rules?
Can a parent sign up an individual player for the league?

No. The League only registers complete teams, so only coaches should register for the upcoming season. If you want information about our league's teams / programs that are looking for players - CLICK HERE.

Are there practice times / locations available for my team?

During normal seasons - Yes. However, due to COVID-19, and a shortage of available gyms - we are unable to provide practice facilities for teams for until further notice. We are hopeful that when things return to normal, we will be able to resume offering practice times, at an additional cost to the team.

Is there a post season tournament?

There will NOT always be a post season tournament because of the All-Star Day festivities. Some seasons will offer a post season tournament. It will depend on the season.

Where are games played?

All Spring 2021 games are at Willow Springs Middle School: 1101 W. Lucas Rd, Lucas, TX 75002

Can a player play up a grade?

Yes, a player can play up a grade. It is important to know that a team must participate in the division which corresponds with the highest grade of any player on the team.

Which division is best for my team?

D1 - Tournament & travel teams that typically do not play in leagues. 
D2 - Select league teams & highly competitive Rec league teams.
D3 - Recreational and developmental teams.

Are there any unique league protocols due to COVID-19?

Adhere to all CDC guidelines if you are sick, showing symptoms, or have been exposed or come in close contact with someone with COVID-19. 

There are not limits to spectators - and our gym has enough space to spread out. 

Masks are required by everyone in the building at all times, except for refs and players/coaches during their game.

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